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Best Vegan Protein Powder - And Why I Use It

Best Vegan Protein Powder


I've been looking lately for the best vegan protein powder.

It's not because I'm worried about getting enough protein on a healthy eating plan without meat, but because Phil and I have been working out for a few years and trying to gain lean muscle mass.

It might seem strange that I use protein powders when I usually focus on getting nutrients from whole foods as much as possible.


Is Local Food Better Than Imported?

Local Food


Local food is talked about a lot, especially for those trying to be environmentally sustainable, but is it really better than imported food?

Phil and I were listening to a podcast on that topic while we were travelling and it generated some interesting thoughts.

If you want to listen to it, it's a Freakonomics podcast called You Eat What You Are.


Carob vs Chocolate - Which Is Healthier?

Carob vs Chocolate


Carob vs chocolate which one is better for you? Carob is billed as the 'healthy' alternative, but there are so many studies on the benefits of chocolate to a healthy eating plan.

There are a few factors to consider when we put these two brown beauties head to head.


How To Make Your Food Taste Incredible

After you get the 'healthy' part of cooking down, it's time to focus on taste!

'Cause let's face it - if you tell someone you made an exceptionally healthy meal, they're probably going to assume it tastes like cardboard, right?

If you know the right techniques, your healthy meal can have so much awesome flavor you'll blow them away.

Healthy Eating Plan Tips - How To Make The Transition


3 Time-Saving Healthy Cooking Tips

I know it can be hard finding the time to make meals. We're all busy, and cooking often gets pushed down the priority list.

But it is possible to make healthy, delicious meals for yourself (and your family) without spending a lot of time in the kitchen, if you remember these tips.

Of course, it will take a little more time to put together a healthy meal yourself than to microwave something in a box. But there are some simple things you can do to make it as easy and quick as possible.

3 Healthy, Time-Saving Cooking Tips



Healthy Work Lunches - 6 Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas To Go

Healthy Work Lunches


Healthy work lunches (or school lunches) are so important in sticking to a healthy eating plan.

And I have some tips and recipe ideas to keep you on track this fall.


3 Steps To Make Your Meals Exceptionally Healthy

I used to be a terrible cook, and I definitely had no idea about healthy cooking techniques.

I remember having a breakdown in the kitchen one time when I burned some soup.

I thought, "how is it possible to burn soup?"

3 Steps To Make Your Meals Exceptionally Healthy


West Coast Road Trip

West Coast Road Trip


Phil and I went for a drive down the west coast of the US, from Washington to San Francisco. I took a few quick videos along the way.

We ate a lot of salads and did a lot of hiking. Here are some videos of what we did:


Preserving Fresh Fruit - 4 Ways To Preserve Fruit For Winter

Preserving Fresh Fruit


Preserving fresh fruit is a great way to enjoy the nutrients and flavor for your healthy eating plan through the fall and winter.

Of course, just eating the fruit fresh is perfect, but sometimes there's more than anyone can handle since it all comes ripe at one time.

I can eat a lot of fruit, but even I'm out of my depth at my friend's place, where he has 3 huge fig trees and 3 big plum trees.


FREE Live Cooking Class - Healthy Brunch - Baked Quinoa

On Thursday, August 16 I broadcasted a FREE live online cooking class, making a healthy brunch recipe for baked quinoa.

I was taking questions live through chat, and there were lots of good ones. Plus I give some suggestions on substitutions to the recipe if you want to change it up.

The cool thing is you can still watch the video below! I'll leave it up, and you can add your questions to the comments below.

Live Healthy Brunch - Baked Quinoa



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